The Cost of Outdated Wiring: Is It Time to Rewire Your Home

The Importance of Modern Electrical Wiring

We all rely on our electrical wiring in Lake Tapps, WA, to supply us with all the great modern luxuries in our homes. Old wiring may not be naturally dangerous, but there are some issues to be aware of with having an old wiring system. 

At the same time, modern residential wiring in Auburn, WA, offers safety, energy savings, convenience, and, most importantly, cost efficiency. So, if your property is older than 30 years, you likely need to update the wiring. Luckily, this blog covers everything you need to know about electrical wiring in Lake Tapps, WA, so that you can plan the process and budget accordingly. 



Safety Risks Associated with Faulty Wiring

Knowing when it’s time to rewire your property can help prevent structural fire hazards, electrocution, higher electric bills, and those little inconveniences. Residential electricians near Sumner, WA, reveal some of the biggest signs that it’s time to rewire your home:

  • Your lights keep flickering and glimmering.
  • You notice electrical sparks.
  • There’s a burning smell or an odd smell from the outlet.
  • Your light switches or faceplates look discolored, worn out, or burnt.
  • You feel electric shocks or currents when touching plugs or switches.
  • You hear a buzzing sound from a fraying wire.
  • The fuses or circuit breakers keep tripping.
  • You live in an old home.


Expert electricians in Lake Tapps, WA, say that the older the property, the higher the chance of the wiring system being unsafe. Here are some of the dangers of old electrical wiring you should be aware of:

  • High Electricity Consumption:

Damaged or weak wiring in Sumner, WA, can cause an electrical system’s appliances to heat up and consume extra electricity. Also, defective wires can lead to electricity leakage, which means your household is drawing power but isn’t making it to your devices. This high electricity consumption by electrical appliances correlates to higher electrical bills.

  • Outlet Shortage:

If you think about it, old electrical wiring for properties was designed based on a far smaller need for electricity. Homeowners with older homes often require extensive power boards. 

Top residential electricians in Buckley, WA, often suggest that power boards should only be used for short-term situations as they pose a major safety risk. Electrical maintenance specialists in Auburn, WA, recommend getting your home rewired as the safest option for people living in ancient homes.

  • Aging Protection:

Until ten years ago, most residential electrical wiring systems in Buckley, WA, used a rubber protective coating for the wires. Unfortunately, such coating isn’t strong and can deteriorate over time, posing risk hazards like electrical short-circuits and wiring issues.

  • May Not Pass Inspection:

If your home has old or fraying wiring and you plan on selling it one day, it won’t pass inspection until you have the wiring redone in Lake Tapps, WA. Residential electricians in Auburn, WA, suggest that today’s safety standards are far higher than those of the ‘50s or even the ‘80s, so you should get a rewiring done.


Tips on Saving Money On House-Rewiring

Residential electricians in Lake Tapps, WA, reveal the five top tips on how to lower the cost of rewiring a home:

  • Buy Cables in Bulk:

The more cables you purchase, the lower the price. 

  • Choose Affordable Materials:

You can choose budget-friendly options like THHN/THWN wires or other economical options. However, it’s important to remember that choosing high-quality materials may cost you more upfront but could help you save money in the long term.

  • Consider Installing New Circuit Breakers

If your breaker box has room for the new breaker, and your electrical wiring in Lake Tapps, WA, is in good shape, adding wiring only where it’s needed can help you cut costs.

  • DIY Non-Electrical Work:

Let a professional electrical contractor in Sumner, WA, handle the electrical work. But you can still cut labor costs if you take up tasks like painting repair walls.

  • Avoid Wall Openings:

Instead of breaking down walls, ask your residential electrician in Buckley, WA, to pull old wires through your attic, crawlspace, basement, or floor joists. 


What to Expect During Electrical Rewiring With a Professional?

  • Preparing Yourself

The only way to know if your house needs rewiring is to have a certified electrician in Sumner, WA, like Kraft Electric LLC, inspect the electrical system. Talk to your trusted residential electrician in Auburn, WA, for a quote, and understand that cutting corners puts your family at risk for electrical hazards.

  • Trust The Professionals

Our residential electricians in Buckley, WA, always ensure everything runs smoothly. We can use noninvasive methods that don’t damage drywall. However, every outlet, cabling, and socket needs to be removed and replaced as part of the process, so it’s best to plan accordingly.

  • Wrapping You

Once the rewiring is complete, our qualified electricians in Buckley, WA, will happily explain the work and answer any questions.



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